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Wireless Printing Saves Time, Increases Efficiency

NB Series Mobile Powercart by Newcastle Systems

Your company can gain tremendous value from leveraging your wireless network to streamline the process of labeling inventory.

You can replace fixed-location label printing stations with wireless printers mounted to power carts that can be positioned wherever the material is located. This will eliminate the wasted time and inefficiency of moving material to printing stations, and the inventory bottlenecks that often result.

The SPEDE mobile wireless labeling solutions use power carts made by Newcastle Systems.

SPEDE Line-side Labeling solutions use wireless printers located at production lines, and connected to your 802.11 network, to print labels on-demand as parts are made and packed.

LEARN MORE. See SPEDE Line-side Labeling Solutions.

Use Wireless Devices to Initiate Labeling

Use any RF Device to create labels

Wireless Devices Initiate Labeling

The SPEDE Labeling module resides on a server PC connected to your 802.11 network. Material handlers can request a label remotely from any location in the plant or warehouse using any wireless device connected to the SPEDE RF network.

Labels can be triggered using RF or RFID handhelds, push-buttons, RFID badges, PLCs and weigh scales.

You can use SPEDE wireless labeling at:

  • Receiving - label incoming material
  • Production - print WIP labels
  • Line-side - print Finished Goods container labels
  • Packaging or Warehousing - print pallet or shipping labels

Labels are printed on-demand, and applied immediately to the material to prevent mis-matches between labels and inventory.

RFID and Barcode Printers

SPEDE Technologies is an authorized Partner of the industry’s leading manufacturers of RFID and barcode label printers, and print-and-apply technology, including:

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