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The SPEDE System integrates a wide variety of RF and RFID data collection devices and label printers.


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RF Push-button Labeling

The patented SPEDE Push-Button is a small RF device that error-proofs and simplifies the process of labeling containers of Finished Parts.

Installed at line-side, the Push-button can be configured to print only the label for the Part Number being made at that line. Once it's configured for a specific label, no other label can print.

Labels print on-demand by simply pushing the button.

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RF Push-button Labeling

The Symbol MK500 is a compact RF TouchScreen terminal, used by the SPEDE TouchScreen Labeling solution for on-demand labeling of Finished Parts at line-side.

The MK500 features an integrated scanner in its base, has a mere 5" footprint, a color screen display, virtual keyboard, three programmable buttons, and runs Windows CE.

Learn More. See SPEDE TouchScreen Labeling.

See also: SPEDE Label Validation Solution.



Symbol RD5000 mobile RFID reader

The Symbol RD5000 Mobile RFID reader can be mounted to forklifts and other movable equipment to bring the RFID reader right to the inventory.

The RD5000 can also be mounted to Receiving and Shipping dock entrances to read RFID tags as they move past.

With the SPEDE RFID Crane Locator System, the RD5000 is mounted to an overhead crane to automatically identify items as they are hoisted, track their real-time location, and record warehouse transactions.



Fixed-mount RFID antennas and readers

Fixed-mount RFID antennas and readers, mounted at Shipping /Receiving docks, read Master labels as they pass by, and transmit the data to SPEDE applications.

RFID portals can also be installed in production areas to track WIP and record production.




Laser Distance Meters

We interface RF Laser Range Finders such as this to overhead cranes to automatically measure the XYZ location of large units of inventory such as steel coils.

The RF-enabled lasers stream location data to the SPEDE RFID Crane Locator System software, which displays the data on a wireless TouchScreen in the operator's cab.

When the crane arrives at the desired putaway location, the operator simply touches the screen, and the precise X-Y-Z location is recorded. A specific serialized item can be located in seconds by viewing real-time location data onscreen.


Handheld RFID terminals

Handheld RFID terminals from Motorola and Intermec provide ease-of-use and mobility for data collection, whether on foot or on a forklift.

With SPEDE, you can use RFID and RF-enabled devices concurrently throughout your 4 walls, to fit the specific requirements of each data collection task.

Wireless Pocket PC

Wireless Pocket PCs from Intermec and Motorola have integrated barcode scanners, and offer PC functionality, and easy visibility of SPEDE applications, inquiries and reports.

These devices are ideal for supervisors and material handlers who need PC performance but without being deskbound.

Handheld RF data terminals with integrated barcode scanners, from Motorola and Intermec, are used by all SPEDE applications.

SPEDE uses barcode scanning as a backup to RFID, when RFID tags are unreadable or an RFID reader is unavailable.

ELO wireless touchscreen

The ELO wireless touchscreen is used in production areas for tracking WIP and viewing production data. Its high-resolution screen, full-sized touchscreen keypad, and small footprint eliminate the need for a PC, mouse and keyboard in production areas.

Heavy duty, industrial RFID and barcode label printers

Heavy duty, industrial RFID and barcode label printers from Intermec, Printronix and Zebra provide wireless label-printing on the plant floor.

Ideal for heavy workloads and harsh industrial environments.


RFID and barcode label printers

Lighter duty RFID and barcode label printers are ideal for low-volume distributed-printing environments, such as on-demand labeling in a work cell.

NB Series Mobile Powercart by Newcastle Systems

Fully mobile workstations, manufactured by Newcastle Systems, enable wireless printers to be moved right to the inventory that needs to be labeled - on the plant floor and in the warehouse.

Features of the NB Series include 24"x22" worksurface, integrated powerstrip, battery power package, adjustable shelves and more. Can power up to 4 devices for 8-12 hours of normal use.

Print-and-Apply barcode labeling systems

Print-and-Apply barcode labeling systems from Monarch/Paxar are used by SPEDE to print customer-mandated Master labels as finished goods are ready to ship.


RFID tags are now available in a wide range of form factors, for use in industrial, harsh and challenging applications.

We will analyze your RFID requirements and work with our Business Partners to research and/or develop an RFID tag to fit your specific application.

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