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RFID Tag being applied to steel coil

RFID Tag being applied
to a steel coil


RFID Solutions for Manufacturing and Warehousing

New advancements in RFID tags and readers enable RFID technology to successfully perform in even the harshest of manufacturing environments.

For example, some RFID tags can withstand processes such as heat treating, painting, and chemical baths. Tags can be applied to, embedded in, or hung from steel, wood, glass, plastic or almost any material.

In addition to mounting RFID readers to portals and dock entrances, RFID readers can be mounted to overhead cranes, forklifts, carts and other moving equipment to read the RFID-tagged inventory wherever it is located in the warehouse and production areas.

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RFID Readers on Conveyor

RFID Readers on Conveyor

RFID Application Software and Hardware

The SPEDE software applications, which reside on a Server PC connected to your 802.11 network, support a wide variety of RFID devices.

The SPEDE Server module manages the entire network of wireless devices, using a thin-client design. There is no RFID middleware needed. SPEDE applications accept direct input from RFID readers, barcode scanners and RF-enabled weigh scales and PLCs.

You can use both RFID and RF devices concurrently throughout your plant or warehouse.

We provide complete RFID solutions that include RFID devices from the leading manufacturers in the industry.

RFID Support Services

RFID Pilot Project Design RFID Pilot Project Design

Our systems engineers are certified in both RFID and 802.11 wireless technologies. They will help you navigate the challenges of RFID to ensure your solution operates successfully -- and meets your business goals.

  • Analysis of your Business Processes to determine if RFID is the best technology to solve the problem
  • RFID Site Survey
  • RFID Tag Development and Testing
  • RFID Hardware Recommendation
  • RFID System Implementation, Training and System Support

RFID Need a Proof-of-Concept?

Would you like to test whether RFID is the best technology for your busines problem - but without investing in a full-blown RFID system?

We can implement a fully operational RFID Pilot project on a limited scale - for example at a shipping dock, at minimal cost. This lets you use the technology in your daily production environment, and evaluate whether it meets your business goals.

If the ROI is there, you can extend the RFID Pilot Project to other docks, and/or into your picking and warehousing operations too.

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