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SPEDE Solutions for MMOG/LE Compliance

AIAG MMOG/LE compliance software Streamline and Error-proof your Material Handling Processes

The Automotive Industry Action Group developed the MMOG/LE (Materials Management Operations Guidelines/ Logistics Evaluation) as a common set of business procedures that help Supplier companies operate more efficiently by standardizing and error-proofing their materials management processes.

According to the AIAG, Suppliers that use the MMOG/LE as a tool for process improvement can:

  • Reduce premium freight costs by 85%
  • Reduce obsolescence costs by 80%
  • Reduce inventory carrying costs by 43%
  • Reduce data entry time by 20%

Complying with the critical MMOG/LE requirements, designated as F3 or Red,and the F2 or Yellow mandates, can have the greatest impact on your Quality Rating.

The SPEDE Real-time Material Control System is a PC-based solution that enables you to comply with critical F3 and F2 MMOG mandates from Receiving to Shipping, while improving your internal operations.

Using wireless technology throughout your 4 walls, you can accurately identify, control and trace inventory in real-time, and automate material handling processes to eliminate errors, and reduce labor and material costs.


Download our Whitepaper: "ROC Solid: How to Make the MMOG a Money-Maker".

SPEDE Provides Support for these Critical MMOG/LE Mandates:

MMOG/LE 1.1 - Vision & Strategy - SPEDE supports 4-walls processs improvement and standardization

  • The SPEDE System is a 4-walls solution for inventory Labeling, Tracking and Traceability, enabling you to standardize, error-proof, and automate Raw/ Receiving, WIP/ Production Reporting, and Finished Goods / Labeling, Warehousing, Picking, Shipping, Traceability operations.

MMOG/LE 1.2.2 - Delivery Performance: To Customer / Supplier Performance / Internal Metrics

  • SPEDE Shipping Control eliminates shipping errors to Customers via real-time Picking, Staging, Trailer Loading Control; automatic ASN generation via scanning.
  • Supplier Performance metrics are supported via automated Receiving, real-time verification to PO /ASN, and SPEDE Supplier Labeling.
  • SPEDE Real-time Event Database supports Internal Metrics by providing a repository of all Labor, Material Handling and System event transactions, which can be viewed and analyzed via data mining tools.

MMOG/LE 4.3 - Shipping and Master Labeling

  • SPEDE Master Labeling Control creates serialized customer Shipping Labels via scanning carton serial numbers on pallet; real-time validation ensures label is applied to correct pallet.
  • SPEDE Shipping Control automates and controls Picking, Staging, Trailer Loading, ASN processes. Scan pallet serial number to pick; allocates serial number to order number; verifies trailer load is correct; creates ASN.

MMOG/LE 5.1.1 - Accurate Material Identification from Receipt to Shipment

MMOG/LE 5.2.2 - System to Manage Raw , WIP, and Finished Goods

MMOG/LE 5.4.1 and 5.4.2 - Lot Traceability

  • SPEDE Lot / Serial Traceability: An electronic Lot/Serial Traceability Database is created automatically as a by-product of scanning serialized inventory transactions from Receiving through Shipping. Traceability data can be accessed 24/7 using any RF device connected to the SPEDE RF network.

MMOG/LE 6.3.2 - Electronic Data Exchange

  • SPEDE interfaces to any EDI and Release Accounting systems for real-time data exchange with Customer and Supplier systems.

Visit the AIAG website for complete MMOG/LE compliance information.

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