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Need Honda MPR Compliance?

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Scan Carton Serial Numbers  to create Pallet Master Label


Easy, Error-proof Line-side Labeling

SPEDE Automated Line-side Labeling solutions ensure the right label gets on the right part, every time.

Our WiFi-based solutions integrate a variety of technologies at line-side to streamline and error-proof processes, while creating a real-time information environment on your plant floor. These technologies include vision sensors, PLCs, Weigh scales, TouchScreens and Push-buttons to ensure parts are accurately identified, counted, packed, labeled and shipped.

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Honda MPR Compliance

If you're a Honda supplier, you can comply with Honda's Minimal Process Requirements (MPRs).

Accurate Pallet Labeling and Shipping

If you use AutoScan / FutureThree, you can supplement its functionality with the SPEDE Finished Goods module, which error-proofs and streamlines Pallet Labeling, Picking and Shipping/ASN processes.

  1. Creates Pallet Labels via scanning container serial numbers
  2. Ensures Master label is applied to the correct Pallet
  3. Automates Trailer Loading via scanning or RFID
  4. Creates accurate ASNs via scanning or RFID
  5. Creates Lot/Serial Traceability records in SQL database via scanning transactions from production through shipping
  6. Automatically updates Host ERP, EDI, Release Accounting systems

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