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AIAG Labeling and Shipping Compliance

Automotive suppliers face enormous competitive and economic pressures that directly impact profitability.

When Suppliers improve and streamline processes and adopt Best Practices, they can meet customer mandates for accurate inventory labeling, tracking and shipping - and increase their value as a reliable Supply Chain partner.

SPEDE compliance solutions capitalize on today's WiFi and RFID technologies to increase efficiency and reduce internal costs -- by eliminating errors, automating processes and improving customer service.

The PC-server based SPEDE solutions can transact with your Future Three, ERP and EDI systems - providing real-time data collection, and enhanced functionality.

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Download our White Paper: ROC Solid: Making MMOG Compliance a Money-Maker.

Watch a SPEDE Video: RFID Trailer Loading taken at a Tier 1 Automotive Supplier's site.

Specialists in Automotive Compliance - since 1989

Our customers are Tier 1 and Tier 2 Automotive Suppliers with multiple plants and warehouses throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico. They rely on SPEDE solutions 24/7 to manage their mission-critical inventory, labeling and shipping operations - and comply with MMOG/LE mandates.

Active in AIAG since 1990

We participate in many critical AIAG Work Groups and Steering Committes including:

  • Materials Management Steering Committee
  • Returnable Containers Work Group
  • Automatic Identification and Data Collection Work Group
  • MMOG/LE Work Group
  • GM1724 Work Group
  • Inventory Visibility and Interoperability Work Group

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