Celebrating 35 Years in Business

Founded in 1980, we have 35 years of experience as a software and systems company serving the Manufacturing, Automotive and Food Processing industries.

We implement real-time WiFi solutions that streamline and error-proof plant floor operations. Leveraging the accuracy of PLCs, Vision, Weigh Scales, Push-buttons, Barcode Scanning, and RFID, these solutions eliminate errors, simplify processes, and provide real-time visibility of shop floor operations.

From Receiving through Inventory Control, Production Reporting, Labeling, Packing, Shipping and Traceability, SPEDE solutions reduce costs, increase efficiency and strengthen a company's competitve edge.

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About SPEDE Technologies

  • Founded as Computer Software Corporation, an Ohio corporation in1980
  • 35 years serving Automotive, Manufacturing and Distribution industries
  • Complete WiFi / RFID hardware/software solutions
  • Multi-plant installations throughout the U.S., Mexico and Canada
  • Operated under the d/b/a of Barcode Data Systems from 1989 to 2004
  • Adopted the trade name of SPEDE Technologies in 2004
  • Received a U.S. patent for our Push-button Labeling solution in 2011

Industry Solutions include:

  • Automotive
    • Line-side Labeling solutions for compliance with Honda / other OEMs
    • Inventory Control solutions for Raw Material, WIP, Finished Goods
    • Automated solutions for Receiving, Warehousing, WIP, Labeling, Picking, Shipping
    • MMOG/LE compliance support for Automotive suppliers
  • Manufacturing - Industrial and Consumer Products
    • Inventory Labeling, Tracking, Traceability for Raw, WIP and Finished Goods
    • Lot/Serial Traceability from Receiving through Shipping
    • Real-time Data Dollection and visibility from Receiving to Shipping
    • Medium to large multi-facility companies in U.S., Mexico, Canada
  • Pet Food and Food Manufacturers
    • Real-time Lot Traceability solutions - One-Back / One-Forward Electronic Traceability
    • Solutions enable FSMA Compliance, Recall Management and Brand Protection
    • Inventory Control - Raw, Processing/Re-Pack, Warehousing, Finished Product
    • Real-time Data Collection from Receiving through Shipping
  • Steel Processing / Warehousing Companies
    • Real-time Inventory Locator System, built on RF and RFID technologies
    • Wireless technology is interfaced to overhead cranes to track and trace steel coils automatically as they move through warehouse or yard

Consulting, Implementation & Support Services:

  • Analysis of current processes in shop floor / warehouse
  • Configuration of SPEDE System to your requirements
  • Interfaces to existing host systems including ERP, EDI, Future Three, and OEE
  • Installation and onsite training
  • Support for the entire System
  • Enhancements and Upgrades

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