Total System Support

We are dedicated to helping you maximize the performance of your SPEDE System, by providing real-time remote support, and by offering opportunities for upgrades and enhancements as new technology becomes available.

Our Total System Support services include:

  • First-line response to all system issues, including all hardware components, software and host interfaces
  • Real-time remote support via Internet connection to your SPEDE Server
  • Unique "hot swap" hardware program: With our Expedited Maintenance Service (EMS), you can have a ready-to-use backup device in your hands within 24 hours of contacting us.
  • Ongoing upgrade opportunities for software enhancements and new technology

With remote HTTP monitoring of the RF devices connected to your wireless network, we can get a live view of:

  • screen displays as the operator sees them
  • transaction activity to see what's happening now
  • historical activity to see what's been done, so the operator doesn't have to recall previous steps
  • current statuses of transactions

This enables us to readily diagnose the cause of an issue and resolve it expeditiously, without requiring users to try to retrace their steps.

24/7 or Regular Business Day Support

Your IT staff can focus on other projects with confidence and leave the maintenance to us.

Whether you choose 24/7 support, or the regular business day program, our technical staff will manage the day-to-day system performance for all of your installed facilities. This real-time assistance, combined with our "hot swap" hardware service, minimizes interruptions to your business and keeps your system operating at peak performance.

Opportunities for Technology Upgrades

As new technologies become available for shop floor use, we integrate the technology into SPEDE applications to offer our clients additional capabilities and hardware devices.

You will have continuous opportunities to increase the functionality of your SPEDE System, and to maximize its performance by taking advantage of the latest hardware upgrades and software enhancements.

If you're an automotive supplier, we will keep you abreast of SPEDE enhancements relative to new or changing OEM or supply chain initiatives to ensure your timely compliance.

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