Full Service - System Design, Implementation, Support

Our implementation goal can be simply stated - to ensure that your shop floor system meets your business requirements, is implemented on-time, and operates at peak performance from day one of installation.

Our services include:

  • On-site evaluation of your plant floor operations
  • RF site surveys for 802.11b networks
  • RFID site evaluations to determine requirements for tags, readers, business processes
  • Configuration of SPEDE software, hardware and host interfaces
  • Pre-testing of the complete system in our lab prior to installation
  • Pre-testing of host interfaces prior to implementation
  • Installation of RFID and wireless network components
  • Onsite User Training
  • Real-time Total System Support

By building long-term relationships with our customers, we learn their business, and help them to leverage technology to achieve their business goals.

"The SPEDE installation was a quiet install. It went in without a glitch. There were no interruptions to our normal operations, and things got better instantly."

The Oatey Company

Fast, 60-day system implementation

Go Live in 60 Days

Go Live in Just 60 Days

The SPEDE System application modules are readily configurable to your business procedures. This means that a custom-tailored solution can typically be up and running live on the plant floor within 60 days of the contract date.

Implementation and operator training require only a few days onsite, so there is minimal impact on your plant floor operations.

This rapid implementation is possible with SPEDE because:

  • There is no custom coding - SPEDE applications are readily configurable to your business procedures.

  • There are no programming changes to your host applications. SPEDE uses loosely coupled interfaces (data queues, file transfers) to transact with host applications.

  • All system components and interfaces are set up and thoroughly tested in our lab before they are delivered, installed, and go live at your site. There is no "trial and error" at your site to disrupt your critical operations.

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