Expedited Maintenance Service (EMS)™

Next Day "Hot Swap" Program

EMS - Our Exclusive Top-Priority Hardware Service

You'll have a "hot swap" loaner device in-hand
by 10:00 the next morning

Our exclusive Expedited Maintenance Service - EMS - will keep your operations running smoothly when unexpected events occur, such as a forklift running over a scanner, or a label printer malfunctioning in a critical area of operations.

Rather than relying on depot service that's too slow, or maintaining a costly inventory of ready-to-use backup devices, under the SPEDE EMS program you'll have a ready to use loaner device in hand by 10:00 the next morning, if you notify us by 2:00 pm ET.

We'll ship a pre-configured, fully charged and ready-to-use RF or RFID handheld, label printer or other wireless component that is identical to the one that needs repair.

When the loaner device arrives at your site, you can use it right out of the box. Just ship us the faulty device and we'll manage the details of OEM repair or replacement.

EMS is the closest thing to maintaining your own hardware maintenance program -but far less costly.

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