Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Your company can gain tremendous value from leveraging your wireless infrastructure to streamline the process of labeling inventory.

By replacing hardwired PC-based printing stations with mobile RF printers that can be moved right to the inventory, you can reduce labor, increase productivity, and eliminate inventory bottlenecks as material waits to be labeled.

With wireless label-printing, you can save time and increase efficiency by locating the label-printing process wherever the inventory is.

Wireless printers can be mounted to powercarts and used at production lines and other areas as needed, without costly re-cabling. RF printers can also be mounted to forklifts for true mobility.

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Mobile Powercart from Newcastle Systems
With SPEDE software and mobile powercarts, you can move the labeling function to the inventory

RF Handhelds Initiate Labeling

The SPEDE Labeling module is a wireless application that resides on a network server PC. Labels can be requested using RF or RFID handhelds, TouchScreens, weigh scales and PLCs.

Your labeling process can be completely wireless and more efficient in all areas of your operations:

  • In Raw Material Areas -- Material handlers use RF handhelds to select the label needed, and print barcode and/or RFID internal labels
  • In Manufacturing Areas -- WIP labeling can be initiated automatically by weigh scales, PLCs, RF Touchscreens and/or RF handheld devices
  • At the End of Production and Finished Goods Areas -- Container and pallet labels are created automatically by using hands-free RFID-activated devices, RF Push-buttons and/or RF handhelds.

RFID and Barcode Printers

SPEDE Technologies is an authorized Partner of the industry’s leading manufacturers of RFID and barcode label printers, and print-and-apply technology, including:

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