RF Forklift and RFID Handheld Devices in Warehousing Use RF /RFID Vehicle-Mounts, Handhelds and more

Use RF and/or RFID Devices

The SPEDE System modules reside on a PC server connected to your 802.11 network.

The SPEDE Server module manages the network of RF and RFID devices, using a thin-client architecture. This design ensures sub-second response times to each device and requires little maintenance, because the apps reside on the server PC - not in each device.

You can use any combination of RF and/or RFID devices concurrently throughout your shop floor and warehouse. This includes handhelds, forklift and portal-mounted devices, RF TouchScreens and Push-buttons, and RF-enabled weigh scales and PLCs.

Our certified RF and RFID technicians will recommend the wireless technology that best solves your business challenges while offering the highest return-on-investment.

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Client/Server Design, No RFID Middleware!

The SPEDE Server Module is the backbone of the SPEDE wireless platform. It enables the SPEDE applications to accept direct input from RFID, barcode scanning, PLCs and other wireless devices without additional middleware.

The SPEDE client/server design ensures sub-second response times --regardless of transaction volumes or the number of data collection devices connected to the RF network.

This design also minimizes IT maintenance, and enables fast and efficient deployment of software enhancements and new RF and RFID devices to your network.

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Transacts with Host ERP, EDI, Future Three and more

The SPEDE Server Module controls the 2-way communications with host ERP, EDI and release accounting systems such as Future Three/Infor.

SPEDE transacts with these host systems via loosely-coupled interfaces that use Data Queue and/or File Transfer Protocol (ftp) methods.

This architecture insulates SPEDE from host performance issues, enabling critical processes such as labeling, picking and shipping to continue uninterrupted even when the host is unavailable. It also enables you to completely replace your ERP system in the future without affecting the SPEDE applications, or disrupting your plant floor operations.

Real-time Accessibility - 24/7

The Server Module enables 24/7 browser-based access to an individual facility's SPEDE database, using any PC or wireless device connected to the network. This means that authorized personnel throughout your enterprise can easily check inventory, production and shipment details at a given facility via simple inquiries or reports.

In addition, your SPEDE facilities can transact electronically with each other, for example by automatically recording inter-plant transfers of work-in-process inventory.

Easily Scalable

You can add RFID and wireless devices to the RF network without limitation to the size or scope of your system, and without impacting SPEDE's real-time system performance. As new technologies become available for use on the factory floor, we integrate these technologies into the SPEDE application modules.

LEARN MORE! Watch a VIDEO: "RFID and RF Solutions for your Plant, Warehouse and Yard".

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