Raw Material Labels Printed by your Suppliers

Let your Suppliers print RFID or Barcode Labels

Let your Suppliers label your Raw Material!

The SPEDE Supplier Labeling module is a simple, Internet-based labeling solution for your suppliers to use. With minimal investment in technology, your suppliers can label your raw material to your specifications, enabling Automated Receiving at your dock when the shipment arrives.

Your suppliers simply need a barcode or RFID printer, and Internet access to your SPEDE server. When ready to ship your order, your supplier can download the label data for the order, print your labels and apply them to the shipment.

When the shipment arrives at your dock, it can be scanned or RFID-read as it is unloaded. SPEDE will automatically verify the receipts against PO or ASN data, update inventory totals and begin lot/serial traceability.

SPEDE Supplier Labeling eliminates the time and cost of internal labeling, and the inventory bottlenecks that occur when material waits to be labeled before it can be moved.



Advantages of SPEDE Supplier Labeling:

  • Gives you visibility of Raw Material orders that your suppliers are about to ship
  • Raw material arrives pre-labeled, ready to be scanned-in or RFID-readat Receiving
  • Eliminates bottlenecks of incoming material waiting to be labeled
  • Eliminates the time and cost of internal labeling at your dock

Barcoded RFID Label Printed by your Supplier

RFID tag is embeded in barcode labels

Easy, Inexpensive Labeling Solution

The Supplier Labeling module resides on your SPEDE Server, so your suppliers don't need expensive PCs and software to comply with your labeling requirements.

Creates a “Virtual ASN”

The Supplier Labeling process automatically creates a “virtual ASN” on your SPEDE server, reflecting the order for which the labels were printed.

You’ll know in advance the exact contents of supplier shipments before they arrive, down to the serialized container level, so you can better manage your inventory and resources.

This virtual ASN is also the control mechanism by which SPEDE will verify the receipts when they are scanned or RFID-read at your dock.


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