RFID Reader on Mobile Cart in Warehouse

RFID Reader on a Cart


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RFID Solutions for Manufacturing and Warehousing

We provide complete RFID and RF solutions for inventory control, and real-time automation of plant and warehouse operations.

Today RFID-based solutions can succeed in even the harshest of manufacturing and warehousing environments, thanks to continuous advancements in RFID tag and reader technologies.

RFID tags can withstand hostile processes such as heat treating, painting and chemical baths. Tags can be applied to, embedded in, or hung from steel, wood, glass, plastic or almost any material.

RFID readers can be mounted to overhead cranes, forklifts, carts, rolling ladders and other moving equipment to read RFID-tagged inventory located anywhere in the warehouse and production areas. In addition, RFID readers can be handheld, or mounted to portals at shipping and receiving docks.

Learn More. Watch a VIDEO: "RFID and RF Solutions for your Plant, Warehouse and Yard".


RFID Readers on Conveyor

RFID Readers on Conveyor

RFID Software for Manufacturing and Warehousing

As an RFID solution provider, we bring 20+ years of experience in implementing successful RF and RFID solutions for shop floor and warehouse automation.

Getting accuracy and 100% read-rates from an RFID system requires a knowledge of RFID's physics-related properties, and experience in adapting RFID technology to a unique business process, without impacting the speed or efficiency of that process.

The SPEDE software applications are PC Server-based and require no RFID middleware. SPEDE manages all RFID and RF devices connected to your 802.11 network.

Learn More! See our VIDEO on RFID Trailer Loading and Master Labeling .

RFID Hardware

Symbol Handheld RFID Reader Handheld RFID Reader

SPEDE RFID solutions support a wide variety of RFID devices and form factors:

  • Fixed-mount and Handheld RFID Readers
  • Mobile, Forklift RFID Readers
  • RFID printers
  • RFID Tags and Labels
  • RFID Antennas and network components

See the RFID and RF Hardware devices that the SPEDE System software modules support.


RFID Pilot Projects and Support Services

RFID Pilot Project Design RFID Pilot Project Design

Our systems engineers are certified in both RFID and 802.11 wireless technologies. They will help you navigate the challenges of RFID to ensure your solution operates successfully -- and meets your business goals.

  • Analysis of your Business Processes to determine if RFID is the best technology to solve the problem
  • RFID Site Survey
  • RFID Tag Development and Testing
  • RFID Hardware Recommendation
  • RFID System Implementation, Training and System Support

Need a Proof-of-Concept?

We can implement a fully operational RFID Pilot solution on a limited scale - for example at a shipping dock, for a minimal cost. You can test the technology in a live production environment, and evaluate whether RFID will meet your business goals

If so, you can expand the RFID Pilot Project to other dock areas, and/or warehousing operations too. If the RFID pilot solution doesn't perform to your requirements, we can tailor a wireless solution using a different RF technology.

Test RFID technology at your site -without investing in a full-blown RFID system.

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