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Simple and Accurate Line-side Labeling

The SPEDE Push-Button Labeling solution is an easy way to error-proof the process of labeling Finished Parts at line-side.

The patented WiFi Push-button device can be installed at the production line to print a container label when the pack count is correct. At the start of a production run, the operator configures the Push-button to print the correct label for the Part being made. A sample label will automatically print, which can be affixed to the face of the Push-button device to provide visual confirmation of the current label. Once a specific label is set up, no other label can print until a new label set-up is done.

When a label is needed, the operator simply pushes the button. The label prints and is immediately applied to the container of parts being packed.

The SPEDE Push-Button connects to a line-side label printer via WiFi or serial port, and communicates with the SPEDE Server Software via your WiFi network.

Benefits of Push-button Labeling:

  • Simplifies and error-proofs the line-side labeling process
  • Label data is sourced from host ERP, EDI or Release Accounting systems to ensure accuracy
  • Small physical footprint
  • Small IT footprint has no impact on host systems and is quick to go-live
  • SPEDE time/date stamps each printed-label record, and logs the label data in an SQL Database for auditability
  • Label Database provides accurate, real-time view of your Finished Goods inventory
  • Label Database also provides serialized Parts Traceability

Meet Honda MPRs

SPEDE Push-button Labeling controls and standardizes the line-side labeling process to ensure consistent labeling accuracy at every production line, on every shift. It will enable your company to comply with Honda's Minimum Process Requirements (MPRs) for an accurate labeling process.

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"Thanks to Push-button Labeling, we're printing over 350,000 labels a year without a single error."

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