RFID Reader Mounted to Cart in Warehouse Real-time Visibility from Receiving through Shipping

Manufacturing Inventory Control

The SPEDE Real-time Material Control System is a WiFi PC Server-based solution to label, track and trace inventory in real-time, and automate material handling processes from Receiving through Shipping.

You can implement all or any of these software modules to get real-time control and visibility of inventory and production at a granular level:

  1. Raw Material Control
  2. Work-in-Process Control
  3. Finished Goods Control

The SPEDE ("speedy") System is built on a 802.11 infrastructure, and manages all WiFi-enabled devices including data collection, RFID, PLCs, weigh scales, sensors and label printers.

SPEDE retains all transaction detail in a real-time SQL Label / Inventory Database, and an Event / Traceability Database that you can view 24/7 via inquiries, data mining tools and reports.

For More Information, download: Plant Diagram of SPEDE Functionality from Receiving to Shipping.

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Transacts with Host ERP, EDI, Release Accounting Systems

The SPEDE Real-time Material Control System transacts with any host ERP or EDI system, using loosely coupled interfaces.

SPEDE runs independently of the host to ensure 24/7 uptime. Critical operations such as Labeling, Picking and Shipping continue uninterrupted even if the host system is unavailable.

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