What is Line-side Labeling?

This is a term used by Honda to define a process in which Finished Parts container labels are:

  1. Printed at the production line or in the work cell, using real-time data from the ERP system
  2. Printed on-demand, not batch-printed in advance
  3. Applied immediately as the containers are packed

Honda wants to eliminate the problem of receiving mis-labeled parts from its suppliers, but doesn't want to waste time or increase its labor cost to inspect every part it receives. Honda is encouraging its suppliers to adopt a Line-side Labeling process.

Labeling parts at line-side ensures that:

  • label data is fresh
  • Finished Parts are correctly identified
  • pack count data on the label is correct
  • the correct label is applied to the container

Any manufacturer can benefit from a Line-side Labeling process, not just Honda suppliers.

SPEDE Line-side Labeling solutions use a wireless TouchScreen or Push-button to automate label-creation, and eliminate errors in label set-up, selection and application.

Barcode and RFID label  - Line-side Labeingl

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