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Warehouse Control System (WCS) using RFID Handheld

SPEDE Warehouse Control System



SPEDE Technologies offers two WiFi-based warehouse control solutions that streamline and automate material handling operations, and track and control inventory at a serialized granular level:

  1. SPEDE Warehouse Control System: Automates Receiving, Putaways, Picking, Locating and Cycle counts, and provides real-time inventory visibility at the serialized unit level.

  2. SPEDE RFID Crane Locator System: RFID and RF devices mounted to your crane can automatically identify the serialized item being hoisted, and record its real-time location as the crane moves items for putaways, moves and picks.

The SPEDE Warehouse Control Solutions are PC server-based. They can function as a standalone system, or transact with your WMS or ERP system to automate data collection, eliminate errors, and provide real-time inventory visibility at a granular level.

For More Information, Download:

  1. Warehouse Diagram of SPEDE functionality from Receiving to Shipping
  2. More Resources and White Papers

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Automate and Error-proof your Warehouse Operations

Conveyor-mounted RFID readers

Conveyor-mounted RFID readers

You can mix and match RF and RFID technologies on a single 802.11b platform, to automate and error-proof these warehouse processes:

  • Receiving
  • Putaways
  • Labeling - Internal and Customer
  • Tracking
  • Picking/ Staging
  • Cycle and Physical counts
  • Trailer Loading/ ASN creation

Addtional functionality:

  • Serial / Lot Traceability - from Receiving to Shipment
  • Quarantines - assigns and enforces QC Holds
  • Real-time Inquiries and Data Mining Reports
  • Transacting with host ERP, WMS and EDI systems

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