A Touchscreen PC displays an image of the part, label status, scrap/good data; triggers a label to print.




Small Touchscreen displays only part data. Touch the screen to print a label.




This Touchscreen displays an image of 2 different parts.
Touch the correct image to print a label.


Error-proof Labeling with TouchScreens

Production machines that make multiple part numbers at a time can present real challenges to accurately identifying parts, and ensuring they are packed in the correct container.

A Toucscreen PC installed at line-side eliminates the confusion in part identification, parts counting and differentiating scrap vs. good pieces.

A Touchscreen PC can display an image of the part to be packed and labeled, and display real-time part counts and label status information. It also enables the operator to make real-time quantity adjustments, such as for small lots at end-of-run.

TouchScreen PC Solutions for Line-side Labeling:

We offer a variety of Touchscreen solutions using different types of devices, but a Touchscreen PC offers the most options for streamlining and error-proofing your packing and labeling process:

  • Touchscreen PC interfaced to a Vision Sensor verifies correct part; displays image of part; allows adjustments for scrap counts, small lots; collects OEE data; prints serialized label
  • Touchscreen PC interfaced to a PLC gets part number data, displays photo of part for operator confirmation; prints serialized label; collects machine run data for OEE analysis
  • TouchScreen PC connects to your WiFi network and a label printer located at line-side. The SPEDE Server software controls all WiFi network devices and the real-time labeling process.

Highlights of TouchScreen Line-side Labeling:

  • SPEDE software gets label data from ERP, EDI or Release Accounting system
  • Touchscreen Client PC software controls the vision sensor
  • SPEDE time-stamps and logs the printed label data in an SQL Label Database for parts tracking, traceability, accountability
  • No application software in any device for your IT staff to support
  • Small WiFi footprint doesn't impact host systems - goes live quickly

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