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Real-time Warehouse Control from Receiving to Shipping Real-time Warehouse

Real-time Warehouse Control

The SPEDE Warehouse Control System is a wireless PC Server-based solution to Label, Track and Trace inventory at a serialized unit level.

Using RFID and/or RF scanning, you can track inventory real-time and automate processes without the need for a costly, complex WMS solution.

SPEDE ("speedy") automates and error-proofs material handling processes in:

  • Receiving
  • Putaways, Moves
  • Picking, Staging
  • Trailer Loading
  • Cycle and Physical counts
  • QC Holds and Quarantines
  • Inquiries and Reports

The SPEDE Warehouse Control System transacts with host ERP and EDI systems for real-time data exchange and automatic host updates.

It runs independently of the host to ensure 24/7 uptime, so mission-critical operations such as Picking and Shipping will continue uninterrupted even if the host is unavailable.

For More Information, download:

  1. Warehouse Diagram of SPEDE Functionality
  2. More Resources and White Papers

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RF Scanning Automates Warehouse Processes
Scan to Record Transactions

Serialized Tracking Ensures Accuracy

SPEDE assigns a serial number to each unit of inventory and keeps a real-time SQL Database of all inventory units.

  • Real-time visibility by Serial, Part, Qty, Location, FIFO and more
  • Serial Number ensures accurate Receiving, Tracking, Picking, Counting, and Trailer Loading
  • Real-time transaction validation prevents errors
  • Optional FIFO control
  • Event Database store all Inventory, Labor and System Events
  • Creates electronic Traceability records as a by-product of scanning transactions
  • Transacts with host ERP, WMS, EDI and Release Accounting systems

Symbol RFID Reader is Mounted to Cart
RFID Reader on Cart

Real-time Picking & Shipping Control

SPEDE receives shipper data from your ERP or Release Accounting system to direct the picking process.

  • Scan the unit's serial number to record the Pick transaction
  • SPEDE verifies that the item, quantity, FIFO, etc. are correct
  • Allocates the picked Serial Number to the Customer Order Number


  • Scan the pallet serial numbers as they are loaded
  • SPEDE verifies the pallet belongs on this trailer
  • Won't allow the trailer to "close" until all allocated serial numbers for this order have been loaded
  • Sends ASN data stream and pick transaction data to host ERP & EDI system

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