RFID Crane Locater System

RFID Tag on Steel Coil RFID Readers read the
RFID Tag on the Coil

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RFID Locator System for Overhead Cranes

If your company uses overhead cranes to move large inventory items, you can now track each item automatically in real-time by its unique ID - and eliminate manual searching, data entry and physical counts.

You can have real-time inventory visibility, and readily locate a specific unit of material by doing an instant inquiry using any device connected to the RF network.

The SPEDE RFID Crane Locator System is a PC Server-based solution, built on a 802.11 network. It interfaces RFID readers and RF Laser Distance Readers to your crane to capture transactions automatically.

An RFID reader mounted near the hook reads the serialized RFID tag on the item being lifted. RF lasers mounted to the top of the crane determine the X-Y-Z location coordinates of the item on the hook.

As the crane moves the item to its new location, SPEDE records the inventory transaction (pick, move, etc.) and the item's new location. The transaction is stored in the real-time SPEDE database, and can update your WMS or ERP system too.

You can use the SPEDE RFID Crane Locator System as a real-time front-end to your host systems, or as a real-time Warehouse Control System to automate your Receiving, Warehousing, Shipping and Traceablility processes.

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Advantages: Accuracy, Traceability and Reduced Labor

  • Tracks and controls inventory items by serial number for accuracy and Traceability
  • Tracks real-time XYZ location of every item
  • Automates Receiving, Picking, Shipping and Physical Count processes to reduce labor
  • Updates ERP, WMS and EDI systems automatically, to eliminate data entry

RFID Tag on Steel Coil RFID Tag is affixed to Coil

Serialized RFID Tags on Coils

Serialized passive RFID tags can be printed and applied to inventory items at Receiving, or by your Suppliers using the SPEDE Supplier Labeling function.

The use of serialized tags enables you to track and trace inventory items at a granular level, instead of relying on Summary data from the ERP system.

By scanning the serial number when recording a transaction, SPEDE verifies the transaction is correct, and records a "traceability event" for the item in the real-time SPEDE Event Ddatabase.

The SPEDE Event Database contains a detailed record of each inventory unit, including Serial, Part, Quantity, Location, Status, Dates, Employee ID, and more.

Using standard data mining tools and any RF device, you can access the Event Database 24/7 for traceability, trend analysis, performance data and more.

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