PLC-triggered Line-side Labeling for Finished Product


SPEDE PLC-Triggered Line side Labeling for Finished Parts A SPEDE PLC Labeling Solution



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Automated Line-side Solutions for Honda MPR Compliance


Accurate Line-side Labeling using PLCs

SPEDE PLC Labeling provides error-proof container labeling at line-side by using real-time data from your PLC to control the labeling process.

When a pack count of "good" parts is reached, SPEDE PLC Labeling triggers a container label to print automatically. The label is then immediately applied to the container of parts being packed.

SPEDE PLC Labeling is a server-based solution that drops-in to your WiFi network and interfaces to host ERP, EDI and OEE systems.

More Functionality

PLC Labeling offers a variety of optional functions to increase accuracy and efficiency in other areas too:

  • Automated Piece Counts - Good and Scrap
  • Parts Validation via interface to Vision Sensors
  • Control of Partials at End-of-Run / End-of-Shift
  • Control of Packing and Kitting processes
  • Control of Re-work
  • Collection of Machine Run data for OEE analysis and capacity planning
  • Line-side Visibility of Real-time Production and Machine Run Data
  • Serialized Traceability of Parts, Containers, Pallets
  • Enables compliance with Honda MPRs

Learn More: Download this Check-list of Functionality for Line-side Labeling and Process Automation.


No PLC at a Production Line? No Problem.

We can install a small WiFi control panel at line-side that includes a PLC so you can fully automate and error-proof your labeling process.

Enables Honda MPR Compliance

Many of our customers are Honda suppliers. SPEDE PLC Labeling is an efficient and cost-effective way to comply with Honda MPRs (minimum process requirements) for an error-proof labeling process.

Download Now: Check-list of Functionality to Meet Honda MPRs


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