Line-side Label Validation and Control

Line-side Label Validation Solution using Symbol MK500 Operator is Warned if a
Label is Wrong

Pre-printed Labeling can be Error-free

We don't recommend pre-printing labels and applying them later, because you can easily apply the wrong label to a container of parts, or use labels that have become obsolete.

But if you MUST batch-print labels in advance, we do offer a solution that can eliminate the risk of label mix-ups and using outdated labels.

The SPEDE Line-side Label Validation solution uses a WiFi Touchscreen at the production line to verify that the correct pre-printed label is being applied to a container of parts.

How Does Validation Work?

After your host system prints a batch of container labels, the SPEDE software obtains the Part / Serial Number data for each printed label.

At the production line, the operator scans the pre-printed label's serial number before applying it to a container. SPEDE verifies the Part and Serial number are correct for this production line.

  • If the label is correct - an "OK" message displays on the TouchScreen
  • If the label is wrong - a "WRONG LABEL" message displays and an audio alert is given. Error prevented.

Another Benefit - Real-time Production Data!

Real-time Production Report

As a by-product of scanning label serial numbers, SPEDE creates a real-time database of Finished Parts inventory.

You can view Production Totals, Error Logs, Activity Reports and more by using standard data mining tools.

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