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Real-time Trailer Loading Control

Error-Proof Your Shipping ProcessesError-proof Trailer Loading
using RFID


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RFID Trailer Loading

The SPEDE Material Control System and the SPEDE Warehouse Control System automate and control the processes of Pallet Labeling, Picking, Staging and Trailer Loading to ensure customer orders are 100% correct before they leave your dock.

This accuracy is achieved by scanning and verifying Pallet serial numbers as the pallets are picked, staged and loaded into the trailer. If the wrong pallet is being scanned, the operator is alerted to prevent an error.

Highlights of Shipping Control:

  • Automates Pallet label creation by scanning Carton Serial Numbers
  • Prints serialized Master / Mixed labels via scanning
  • Automates and verifies Putaways, Tracking Picking, Staging and Trailer Loading operations via scanning or RFID
  • Provides real-time, 24/7 visibility of inventory and orders
  • Creates ASN data streams/ ERP transactions via scanning or RFID
  • Transacts with Future Three, ERP and EDI
  • Maintains Lot / Serial Traceability record from Finished Product to Customer order and Ship-to site

For More Information, Download:

  1. Diagram of SPEDE Functionality from Receiving to Shipping for Manufacturing
  2. Diagram of SPEDE Functionality from Receiving to Shipping for Warehousing
  3. Flow Diagram of Finished Goods Traceability
  4. More Resources and White Papers

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"Now we know exactly what we put on each trailer, down to the carton serial number."

Tier 1 Automotive Supplier

Real-time Picking and Staging Control

  • Real-time picklist /shipper data is downloaded to SPEDE from host system, to direct the Picking process
  • Picking continues, even if host system goes down
  • Scan pallet serial numbers to pick
  • Real-time validation ensures pallet is correct
  • Allocates picked serial numbers to customer order, for staging and trailer loading control
  • Ensures all allocated serial numbers for an order are loaded on correct trailer
  • Optional FIFO control
  • Real-time visibility of order statuses

Error-Proof Your Shipping Processes
Forklift RFID Reader


Real-time Trailer Loading Control

  • Eliminates trailer loading errors
  • Optionally use RFID readers mounted to forklift or dock entrance, or scan barcoded Master serial number to load
  • Verifies Master is correct for this load to prevent errors
  • Verifies load is correct before trailer can "close"
  • Creates ship transaction and ASN datastream to update host
  • Retains detailed Traceability data of Finished Goods shipped to Customer site


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