Plant Floor Control: Automated Receiving using RF and RFID

Raw Material Receiving Control

Automates Receiving via Scanning or RFID

Scan or RFID to Recieve

Inventory accuracy begins at the Receiving dock.The Receiving Control function of the SPEDE Raw Material module:

  • Prints serialized inventory tracking labels on demand
  • Automates Receiving processes to eliminate manual check-in, errors, and delays in material flow
  • Verifies receipts against POs or ASNs to ensure accuracy
  • Instantly updates the SPEDE Raw Material SQL database
  • Provides real-time visibility of Raw inventory
  • Sends Receipt transactions to host ERP systems automatically
  • Begins Lot / Serial Traceability

If arriving material is pre-labeled to your specs, it can be scanned or RFID-read, verified, and on its way in seconds. Unlabeled items can be labeled on-demand at the dock with a mobile WiFi printer.

The SPEDE Raw Material Module is WiFi-based and runs on a server PC, independently of host systems, providing a platform for real-time inventory and shop floor information, 24/7. SPEDE manages all WiFi devices connected to the SPEDE network.

For More Information, Download:

  1. Plant Floor Diagram of SPEDE Functionality
  2. Flow Diagram of Raw Material Traceability and Critical Tracking Events
  3. More Resources and White Papers

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Save Time - Supplier Labeling via the Internet

The unique SPEDE Supplier Labeling module enables your suppliers to label your Raw Material to your requirements before they ship it to you.

The Supplier Labeling module resides on your server PC. When a Supplier is ready to ship an order, they log-in to your SPEDE Server via the Internet, download the label data for the order they're about to ship, and print the labels.

They can print serialized master labels on a barcode or RFID printer. When the material arrives, you can scan or RFID-read the serial number on the label, and automatically receive it into inventory.

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