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Scan or use RFID for Real-time WIP Tracking and Production Reporting

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Automated Production Reporting

Accurate production reporting is essential to meet customer deadlines and efficiently schedule material and labor resources.

The SPEDE Work-in-Process module automates the Production Reporting process to eliminate errors, manual spreadsheets, and delays in knowing your Actual production totals.

Production totals can be captured automatically in real-time by using WiFi-enabled weigh scales and PLCs, or by scanning the serial number on the WIP unit as it's moved from one process to another or to a WIP warehouse.

SPEDE Work-in-Process uses item serial numbers as a control mechanism to prevent a production receipt from being recorded more than once or not at all, and to accurately account for every unit of WIP.

Errors in reporting production can skew the requirements needed to meet demand, resulting in a shortage or excess of inventory. This results in increased carrying costs, expediting costs, and decreased efficiency and profitability.

SPEDE Work-in-Process is built on a wireless (802.11) network, and resides on a server PC. It manages all WiFi devices connected to the network, and transacts with virtually any host ERP system.

For More Information, visit: SPEDE Work-in-Process Control.


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Real-time Production Reports - 24/7Detailed Production Data



Real-time Visibility of Production

Production receipts are recorded real-time by scanning the serial number on the WIP label. The SPEDE Label Database (an SQL Inventory Database) maintains a detailed record of all serialized inventory units by Part Number, Qty, Status, Location, etc.

You can view production data via inquiries and reports by:

  • work order
  • part number
  • machine
  • shift
  • work cell
  • status code and more

You can can compare actuals to schedules, and identify issues that require immediate action to prevent problems down the line. Production receipt transactions are also automatically sent to your ERP system on a scheduled basis.

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