Plant Floor Control -  Serialized Traceability

Lot and Serial Number Traceability

Serialized Traceability via Scanning Transactions

Lot and Serial Traceability is a
By-product of Scanning Inventory Transactions

The SPEDE System collects item traceability data - or Critical Tracking Events - as a by-product of scanning inventory transactions as the items are Received, Issued to WIP, Produced, Labeled, Picked, Packed and Shipped.

Tracing QC Issues Electronically -

From Raw Material through Finished Goods, the SPEDE Event Database retains a complete time/date stamped history of all events and transactions. If a QC issue occurs, this real-time SQL-based database will enable you to:

  • Identify the Lot numbers and/or serial numbers of the Parts / Containers / Pallets affected by the QC issue
  • See Customers and Ship-to data for affected product that shipped
  • Recall only specific units of affected product
  • Locate affected serial numbers still onsite in your facilities
  • Issue an electronic enterprise-wide QC Hold to prevent shipment
  • Protect your Customers from harm
  • Minimize damage to your Brand

Simple data mining tools enable you to drill down the Event Database and trace specific units of affected product Backward to a Production Run and further back to Raw Materials / Suppliers. Or trace Forward to Ship-to sites. You can define any combination of parameters, such as:

  • Range of serial numbers of individual Parts
  • Range of serialized Containers and Pallets
  • Range of Lot numbers
  • Production machine or work cell
  • Production Run date / Shift/ Time
  • Order number
  • Shipped date
  • Ship-to locations
  • Raw Material components by serialized unit
  • Raw Material Suppliers, etc.

For More Information, download:

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  2. White Paper - Internal Traceability Is The Keystone For Successful Product Tracing Under FSMA
  3. More Resources including Flow Diagrams with Critical Tracking Events for Raw, WIP and Finished Goods

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