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Mobile Label Printing, On-demand

RF Push-button and Wireless Printer for Line-Side Labeling

Patented SPEDE WiFi
Push-button Labeling

Printing inventory tracking labels - whether Raw Material, WIP or Finished Product - can be a fast, efficient and accurate process if you:

  1. Print the labels on-demand
  2. Use a mobile wireless printer that can be located wherever the inventory happens to be.

You can minimize IT costs, and increase productivity by using inexpensive, light-duty, wireless printers on mobile power-carts that can be moved on-demand to where they are needed - in Receiving, Shipping, the warehouse or shop floor.

The SPEDE software modules that control Raw Material, Work-in-Process and Finished Goods inventory, feature an integrated labeling function. The SPEDE software modules reside on a server PC, connected to a wireless (802.11) network. You can print labels anywhere using any wireless device connected to the SPEDE network.

Hightlights of SPEDE Label functions:

  • Prints serialized Internal labels and Customer Container labels
  • Prints serialized Master Internal and Customer labels, using a scan-to-create process
  • Gets label data from host ERP / EDI systems, and/or PLCs at line-side
  • Creates a detailed record of each serailzed printed label and stores it in an SQL database
    • SQL Label Database becomes your real-time Inventory Database
    • Time-stamps and logs all printed-label data when the label is created
  • Enables compliance with Honda's Line-side Labeling iniatives to ensure labels are 100% accurate

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