Plant Floor Control: Real-time Inventory Tracking and Control

Real-time Manufacturing Inventory Control

Raw Material, WIP and Finished Goods Control

Scan Serial Number to track and trace inventory

The SPEDE Material Control System creates a real-time information environment on the factory floor.It gives you real-time control of Raw Material, Work-in-Process and Finished Goods inventory, and real-time visibility at a granular level.

The SPEDE System uses PLCs, weigh scales, mobile handhelds and RFID devices to capture inventory, production and material handling events automatically, so you will know exactly what you have, where it is, and what is needed to ensure Customer Orders are filled on time, accurately
and efficiently.

This modular solution runs on a PC server connected to a wireless (802.11) network. It transacts with host ERP, EDI and Release Accounting systems.

Highlights of SPEDE Material Control:

  • Prints serialized inventory label, time-stamps and logs it in a real-time SQL Label Database
  • Label Database is a real-time Inventory Database at a granular level
  • Real-time visibility of Raw, WIP and FIN inventories at the serialized unit level
  • View and Track inventory by Part, Qty, Location, Status, Serial Number, Lot, Production Date, etc.
  • Apply QC Hold to specific Part, Serial numbers, Lots, Containers, Pallets, more
  • Automates and verifies material handling processes to reduce labor, increase efficiency, eliminate errors
  • Serialized Parts Traceability at the Carton / Pallet / individual Piece level
  • SPEDE software controls all WiFi devices so there's no impact on your IT staff or host systems
  • Configurable, quick to install and can be implemented in phases

For More Information, download: Plant Diagram of SPEDE Functionality from Receiving to Shipping.

Visit: Raw Material | Work-in-Process | Finished Goods


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Analyze Historical Data to Improve Performance

User-configurable Real-time Reports

Real-time Inventory Visibility

The SPEDE Event database retains a detailed history of inventory transactions for analysis, traceability and auditing purposes.

Using a standard reports program, you can set desired parameters to view inventory:

  • on-hand
  • allocated
  • on-hold/ quarantined for QC
  • Raw, WIP and Finished Goods detail
  • Comsumption trends

You can view information when you need it - without relying on manual spreadsheets, or summary data from the ERP system.

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