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SPEDE Technologies Presents RFID Case Study: “RFID Shipping Pilot: What We Learned”

January 9, 2007, Chicago – Before a standing-room only crowd of 120+ at ProMat 2007, the international material handling and logistics event sponsored by the Material Handling Industry of America (MHIA), SPEDE Technologies presented a case study on the RFID Shipping solution it implemented for an automotive supplier that needed to control and error-proof its pallet labeling and trailer loading processes.

The presentation illustrated how a Tier Two automotive supplier uses RFID tags, embedded in barcoded master labels, to achieve 100% accuracy in their trailer loading process. It explained the physics and business process issues that were addressed, and showed how a company can efficiently integrate RFID into existing barcode-based processes. The case study included a 4-minute video showing the actual RFID system in use, from creating and applying the RFID master labels, to loading the trailer via an RFID portal at the shipping dock.

A free CD of this presentation and video is available upon request.


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