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U.S. Patent Issued to SPEDE Technologies for
Line-side Labeling Solution


Cleveland, OH December 12, 2011 -- Computer Software Corporation, dba SPEDE Technologies, was issued U.S. patent number 8,064,082 for “a system and method for printing labels on demand”. The patent relates to the SPEDE Push-button Labeling system, developed by Robert J. Bunsey, President, and Richard J. Bunsey, VP of Systems Development, both of Cleveland. The patented system enables manufacturing companies to error-proof their container labeling process by printing labels on-demand at line-side, using a simple push-button device that ensures the correct label will print for the part being made at that production line.

Designed for Automotive Compliance

The SPEDE Push-button Labeling system was designed for automotive suppliers to comply with OEM mandates for 100% accurate product labeling. “Automotive OEMs operate in a just-in-time environment, so receiving mis-labeled product can severely impact production schedules”, explained Bob Bunsey. “If any part of a shipment is mislabeled, the entire shipment could be rejected, even if the physical parts are correct. This puts a huge burden on the supplier to error-proof their labeling process.”

The SPEDE Push-button Labeling System consists of the proprietary SPEDE WiFi Push-button and the SPEDE Labeling Software application that runs on a Server PC connected to a manufacturing facility's WiFi network. The name SPEDE (pronounced “speedy”) is an acronym for Scanning Platform for Electronic Data Entry.

Patented SPEDE Push-button Line-side Labeling solution

On-demand Printing at Line-side

The SPEDE WiFi Push-button is a small 5x7 inch device that can be installed at the production line. It connects to the facility's WiFi network to communicate with the SPEDE Server. The Push-button also connects to a line-side label printer via WiFi or serial port.

Before starting a new production run, the Push-button must be set-up to print the correct label for the part number to be made. This set-up process, usually performed by a supervisor, consists of scanning the barcoded Push-button ID and a barcoded work order or part number. The SPEDE Software logically associates the push-button to the part number. Once the push-button is set-up for a specific part number, it will allow only the label for that part number to print until a new label set-up is done.

To print a label, the machine operator pushes the button. This sends a command to the SPEDE Server, which responds by sending the label data to the line-side printer. The label prints and is immediately applied to the container of parts being packed.

“We've been implementing line-side labeling systems since 1994", said Bob Bunsey. "The most common causes of labeling errors are operator confusion about which label to print, mis-identifying the part to be labeled, and label mix-ups due to batch-printing labels for future use", Bob Bunsey explained. "Push-button Labeling eliminates all of those errors."

Push-button Labeling is ideal for plant floor operations where a production machine makes a single part number at a time. To underscore the accuracy of Push-button Labeling, Mr. Bunsey said: "We have customers using up to 60 Push-buttons in one facility, and printing 350,000 labels a year without a single labeling error.”

Push-button Technology Can Interface to PLCs

To fit the labeling requirements of its diverse manufacturing customers, SPEDE Technologies developed several variations to its Push-button Labeling system. For example, a modified version of the patented device can be interfaced to a PLC, to trigger labels to print automatically when a pack count of “good” parts is made. “By connecting a simple RF input device to a PLC, we can totally automate a labeling process. The result is 100% accurate product labeling because there is no human intervention to cause errors”, Mr. Bunsey added.

About SPEDE Technologies

Founded in 1980, SPEDE Technologies is a software and systems integration company headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. The company specializes in innovative WiFi-based solutions for line-side labeling including Push-button Labeling, PLC Labeling and TouchScreen Labeling. The company also provides real-time solutions for Raw Material Control, WIP Control, Finished Goods Control, and Electronic Traceabillty.

Its customers are medium-sized to Fortune 500 companies in the automotive, industrial and food manufacturing industries, with multiple facilities located throughout the U.S. and in Mexico.

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