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SPEDE Technologies CEO Speaks at the AIAG 2014 QC Summit

Focusing on New Technology Solutions to Improve
Quality Control at Line-side


September 25, 2014, Novi, MI – SPEDE Technologies CEO, Bob Bunsey, was invited to present at the Auto Industry Action Group (AIAG) 2014 QC Summit to share new technology solutions that automotive suppliers are implementing to improve quality on the production floor.

His presentation fit the theme of the QC Summit, "Quality for Emerging Technologies", showcasing "how companies are assuring quality, reliability and customer satisfaction in their latest electronics and software products...".

The solutions presented by Mr. Bunsey include the integration of vision sensors, PLCs, weigh scales, push-buttons and TouchScreens at the production line and in packing stations, to control and error-proof processes - from the moment finished parts leave production, through the packing and labeling of the containers in which they are shipped.

"The key point", said Mr. Bunsey, "is to control quality at the point of manufacture, and prevent human errors that can affect consumer safety and customer satisfaction." He added that "by automating processes related to parts identification, packing and labeling, suppliers can eliminate errors in customer shipments, increase internal efficiency and reduce costs".

QC opportunities at line-side and at packing stations include using vision and other technologies to ensure that:

  • parts are correctly validated as "in spec" or scrap;
  • parts are verified for correctness at packing;
  • dunnage is correct at packing;
  • container label is correct;
  • parts are serialized for unique tracking and traceability;
  • re-work processes are controlled;
  • PLC data is collected for production visibility and OEE analysis;
  • traceability records are electronically created.

Mr. Bunsey's presentation, "Using New Technologies at Line-side to Improve QC", is available now for download.

The keynote speaker at the QC Summit was the VP of Quality for Toyota NA, Dino Triantafyllos. His presentation focused on how Toyota's heritage of Continuous Improvement supports its strong "Customer First" attitude, and helps align internal QC metrics with customer values.

About SPEDE Technologies

SPEDE Technologies is a software developer and systems integration company, founded in 1980, that specializes in innovative WiFi solutions that automate shop floor processes to increase accuracy and efficiency. Solutions include: Line-side Labeling and Packing , Inventory Control , and Electronic Traceability. The name SPEDE (pronounced "speedy") is an acronym for Scanning Platform for Electronic Data Entry.

SPEDE Technologies' customers are medium-sized to Fortune 500 companies in the automotive, industrial and food manufacturing industries, with multiple facilities located throughout the U.S. and in Mexico.

For more information, call 888.808.4237 or visit SPEDE Technologies at



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