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New PLC Line-side Labeling Solution Eliminates Labeling Errors
and Collects OEE Data, Too


January 2012, Cleveland, Ohio – SPEDE Technologies, added PLC Labeling with OEE Data Collection to its suite of Line-side Labeling solutions. The new hardware/software solution is designed for automotive suppliers and other manufacturing companies that need to error-proof and automate their process of labeling Finished Product.

SPEDE PLC Labeling enables a company to print container labels automatically at the point of production when a pack count of "good" parts is made. Because the PLC is the most accurate source of data about the part being made, the correct label will always print. PLC Labeling eliminates operator confusion about which label to print, and the risk of applying the wrong label to parts that look alike.

The SPEDE PLC Labeling solution enables the PLC to send commands via WiFi, such as to print a label, count good pieces and count scrap, to the SPEDE Server connected to the facility's WiFi network. The PLC Labeling solution includes a WiFi bridge device that connects the PLC to the WiFi network; the SPEDE Server Software which controls label-printing and the WiFi devices at line-side; and optional WiFi TouchScreens and printers for line-side use. When a command is sent by the PLC to print a label, the SPEDE Server Software sends the label data to the line-side printer, and the label prints for immediate application to the container of parts being packed.

PLC Labeling for Production Lines without a PLC, too

For production lines that do not have a PLC, SPEDE Technologies installs the small SPEDE Control Panel at line-side, which contains a PLC, WiFi bridge, power supply and connectors. The SPEDE Control Panel can also interface to test jigs, stack lights and other types of sensors to automatically count good parts, and detect, route and count scrap.

Collects OEE Data Too

As a spin-off of printing labels, the SPEDE PLC Labeling solution also collects real-time machine performance data which can be sent to host systems for OEE analysis. An optional WiFi TouchScreen connected to the PLC enables the operator to view real-time production data such as Part Counts, Scrap Counts, Machine Cycles, Run Times and more. This data is retained by the SPEDE Software in an SQL database for viewing and analysis.

About SPEDE Technologies

SPEDE Technologies is a software developer and systems integration company,founded in 1980, that specializes in innovative WiFi-based solutions for Line-side Labeling , Raw Material Control, WIP Control, Finished Goods Control, and Electronic Traceabillty. Its customers are medium-sized to Fortune 500 companies in the automotive, industrial and food manufacturing industries, with multiple facilities located throughout the U.S. and in Mexico.

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