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Honda of America Manufacturing, Inc. has invited SPEDE Technologies
to Exhibit at its 2013 Label Expo


October 2012, Cleveland, Ohio – Honda of America Manufacturing, Inc. has formally invited SPEDE Technologies to demonstrate its real-time line-side labeling solutions at the Honda Label Expo, which will be held on February 12, 2013
in Powell, Ohio.

Honda is hosting this Label Expo as a forum to help its OEM parts suppliers improve labeling accuracy, parts marking, and material handling by learning about new technologies, sharing ideas, and hearing case studies that illustrate continuous process improvement of labeling and parts delivery processes.

Honda invited SPEDE Technologies to share its expertise in line-side labeling solutions. SPEDE Technologies has been implementing on-demand line-side labeling solutions for suppliers to Honda and other automotive OEMs since 1994.

SPEDE Technologies will be exhibiting its SPEDE PLC Labeling solution, which provides 100% accurate labeling of Finished Product at line-side. SPEDE PLC Labeling is a WiFi-based solution that prints the correct label automatically when a pack count of good parts is made. As a spin-off of printing labels, SPEDE PLC Labeling collects real-time machine performance data, such as piece counts, scrap counts, machine cycles, run times, and more. This data can display on a WiFi TouchScreen connected to the PLC to enable the operator to monitor production, label status, and machine performance data in real-time. This data is retained by the SPEDE System in an SQL database which can be readily accessed for parts traceability and analysis, and can also be sent to the facility's host OEE (Optimal Equiment Effectiveness) system.

SPEDE Technologies will provide a real-time demonstration of PLC Labeling, and will show how the PLC can be interfaced to a test jig for real-time QC inspection to determine if a manufactured piece is good, scrap or rework.

About SPEDE Technologies

SPEDE Technologies is a software developer and systems integration company,founded in 1980, that specializes in innovative WiFi-based solutions for Line-side Labeling , Raw Material Control, WIP Control, Finished Goods Control, and Electronic Traceabillty.The name SPEDE (pronounced "speedy") is an acronym for Scanning Platform for Electronic Data Entry.

Its customers are medium-sized to Fortune 500 companies in the automotive, industrial and food manufacturing industries, with multiple facilities located throughout the U.S. and in Mexico.

For more information about SPEDE Technologies, visit, Or call 888.808.4237.


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