Labeling Control:  Pallet Labeling
Scan Serialized Container Labels to Create Pallet Labels

Scan to Create Serialized Pallet Labels

Scan to Create Serialized Pallet Labels

The SPEDE Finished Goods module automatically creates a serialized Pallet label by scanning the serial numbers of containers on the Pallet. There is no data entry needed.

The SPEDE Pallet Labeling Function links the Pallet's Serial Number to the child Container Serial numbers and the Container's part number, production date/time, lot number, and more details for future traceability.

Highlights of SPEDE Pallet Labeling:

  1. Master/ Mixed Pallet Labels are created by scanning serialized containers on the pallet
  2. Real-time Part Number data is sourced from ERP, EDI or Release Accounting system
  3. Enables real-time Production Reporting by scanning Pallet Serial Numbers
  4. Auto-reprint function automatically reprints a Shipping label if customer's EDI data changes before shiping
  5. Maintains a real-time SQL Label Database of printed label data, to provide real-time inventory visibility, control and traceabilityat a granular level
  6. Creates detailed Lot/Serial Traceability records as a by-product of scanning serialized pallet labels
  7. Enables scanning of serialized Pallet labels to record/ validate inventory moves, putaways, picking, shipping transactions downstream
  8. Creates an Audit Trail of printed labels is retained in the Event Database
  9. Prints Barcode and/or RFID pallet labels

For More Information, download: Plant Diagram of Inventory Labeling with Integrated Traceability.

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