Labeling Control: Finished Goods Container Labeling



Keyence Vision Sensor
for Parts ID, Scrap Detection, Counting, Kit Validation



TouchScreen Labeling using the Symbol MK500

A SPEDE Touchscreen
Line-side Labeling solution

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Error-proof Container Labeling at Line-side

We offer a wide range of technology solutions for accurately labeling Finished Product at line-side.

Our semi- and fully-automated solutions use WiFi push-buttons, PLCs, Weigh Scales, Vision and other technologies to ensure every pack count is correct, and every label matches the contents of the container.

You can leverage your SPEDE Line-side Labeling solution to gain real-time control of other line-side operations including:

  1. Accurate Piece Counts of Good, Scrap and Rework
  2. Control of Partials at End-of-Run, End-of-Shift
  3. Control of Pack and Re-Pack operations
  4. Validation of dunnage layers and kitting
  5. Real-time production data and label status displayed on a line-sideTouchscreen
  6. Serialized Parts Traceability
  7. Collection of machine and production run data to analyze equipment efficiency (OEE) and update host systems
  8. Compliance with Honda MPRs (Minimum Process Requirements) for accurate labeling processes

The SPEDE Labeling software sources the label data from your ERP, EDI or Release Accounting system. A record of each printed label and every transaction is retained in an SQL database, for easy parts tracking, traceability and accountability purposes.

and sends the data to the line-side printer where the label request originated via your WiFi network. The label prints and is immediately applied.

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Download A Check-list of Functionality for Line-side Labeling and Process Automation.


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