Our specialty: Automotive Suppliers since 1989

Whether they have 3 facilities or 30+ , our customers rely on the SPEDE System to manage mission-critical line-side and material handling operations at their invidividual plants.

For an automotive customer, we initially implemented SPEDE in 26 facilities, but ongoing plant acquisitions led to the deployment of SPEDE in 14 more sites. A large CPG manufacturer deployed SPEDE in 24 facilities, initially to comply with Wal-Mart RFID labeling and shipping requirements. SPEDE has since evolved to automate their product traceability requirements and is their traceability solution of record.

Regardless of size, automotive suppliers and manufacturers trust our IT expertise and business experience to ehlp them meet complex, ever-changing supply chain requirements, while improving the accuracy and efficiency of their operations.

Customer Installations throughout North America

Since our beginning in 1980, we have been implementing automated data collection systems for mid-size to Fortune 500 industrial companies located throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

We specialize in multi-facility installations. SPEDE Automation customers include:

  • Bosch Automation Products
  • Bushe
  • ITW
  • MARS Petcare
  • Nissin Braking Systems
  • Shiloh Industries
  • Sonoco
  • Taylor Steel
  • Toledo Molding
  • Topre
  • Toyoda Gosei
  • T-Rad
  • TransOverseas Corporation
  • WEK Industries

"I really appreciate the expertise and quick response of SPEDE staff. Whenever I call,
they're right there to help."

Bosch Automation

Do you have multiple facilities with a mix of ERP Systems?

SPEDE's ease of connectivity with many diverse systems enables it serve as the common ADC platform enterprise-wide, to simplify data-sharing, and to standardize internal business procedures at the plant and warehouse level.

SPEDE can transact with:

  • BPCS
  • Future Three
  • JD Edwards
  • PRMS
  • SAP
  • Legacies and Homegrowns

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