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New RFID Locator System for Overhead Cranes
from SPEDE Technologies

Tracks Inventory Automatically and Automates Warehouse Processes

Cleveland, Ohio, April 2008 – SPEDE Technologies announced the launch of a new wireless inventory control solution that interfaces RFID and RF devices to overhead cranes, enabling companies that manage large items of inventory to automate their warehouse operations, and accurately track inventory to within an inch.

Named the SPEDE RFID Crane Locator System, the solution uses an RFID reader to identify inventory items, and RF Laser Range Finders to record the precise location where the items are put. The solution is designed for steel processors, warehousers and other companies that need an accurate, automated way to track inventory inside and outside the facility.

"We developed this solution for companies that can't use a tradtional barcode or RFID solution in their warehouse, and consequently are devoting a lot of man-hours to floor-searches, physical counts and manual data entry", explained Bob Bunsey, president of SPEDE Technologies. "By interfacing wireless devices right to the crane, we can capture inventory transactions automatically as the crane moves, and provide real-time inventory control and visibility at the individual item level", Mr. Bunsey added.

The SPEDE RFID Crane Locator Sytem uses an RFID reader mounted on the hook to read a serialized RFID tag on the the item as it is hoisted. Atop the crane, two RF Laser Range Finders aimed at X-Y planes will record the precise location where the item is put. As the crane moves, the Laser Range Finders stream location data to an RF TouchScreen inside the operator's cab. When the crane arrives at a putaway location, the operator simply touches the screen to lock-in the location and record the putaway. Physical counts are performed by moving the hook over the items.

"Now a crane operator can locate a specific item in seconds, just by looking at the screen", explained Mr. Bunsey. "The Laser Range Finders assist the operator in moving the crane to that location, and the RFID reader ensures the correct item is picked", Mr. Bunsey added. "We're not only eliminating errors, but the manual searching, verification and physical counts as well."

The SPEDE RFID Crane Locator System operates on a server PC. It can function as a standalone warehouse solution, or transact with a company's WMS, ERP and EDI systems to fully automate receiving, picking and shipping operations. The complete solution includes the RFID and RF network devices, SPEDE warehouse application software, host interfaces, and implementation services. An entry-level, RF-only option enables a company to add RFID functionality later.

"We're very excited about this new product because it brings the tremendous advantages of real-time data collecton and business process control to a virtually untapped market. Companies that implement the SPEDE RFID Crane Locator System can realize the benefits of automation almost immediately", said Mr. Bunsey.

About SPEDE Technologies

Founded in 1980, SPEDE Technologies is a software and systems integration company specializing in wireless solutions for accurate inventory labeling and control. Its customers are large and mid-sized automotive suppliers and manufacturers with multiple facilities throughout the U.S., Mexico and Canada. SPEDE Technologies has been at the forefront of developing innovative RF and RFID solutions for the manufacturing and warehousing industries since 1985. Other products include the SPEDE Real-time Control System, the patented RF Push-Button Labeling system, RF TouchScreen Labeling, and an Internet-based Supplier Labeling Solution.

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