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SPEDE Technologies to Showcase New Wireless
Solutions at Auto ID /RFID Showcase


January 2008, Cleveland, Ohio – In Booth # 15 at the AIAG Auto ID/ RFID Showcase, SPEDE Technologies will feature its latest RF and RFID solutions for line-side inventory labeling, inventory control, and automating material handling processes.

A focal point of the SPEDE Technologies exhibit will be the new RF Crane Locator System, which automatically tracks steel coils and other large inventory items without manual scanning, searching or data entry.

Highlights of the SPEDE Technologies exhibit include:

  • RF Push-Button Labeling, a patent-pending line-side labeling solution which automatically prints the correct inventory label by simply pushing a wireless button, instead of using a PC.
  • SPEDE Material Control System: Labels, tracks and controls inventory, and automates processes from Receiving through Shipping, using a variety of integrated RF and/or RFID technologies.
  • RF TouchScreens, manufactured by ELO, are used by the SPEDE Material Control System to print labels in work cells where a single production machine is producing multiple part numbers at once, requiring a variety of different labels to be printed on-demand, and applied to the correct parts.
  • RF Crane Locator System: Uses RF laser range finders mounted to the overhead crane, to pinpoint the precise X-Y location of inventory items as they are put away. Inventory transactions are recorded automatically, by simply touching a wireless TouchScreen in the cab.
  • RFID Yard Tracking: Uses wireless yard trucks, RFID readers, and GPS to automatically track trailer arrivals and departures, and the location of assets and trailers in the yard.
  • Forklift RFID Reader, manufactured by Motorola/Symbol. A "live" RD5000 reader will demonstrate RFID read ranges, and the ease of using mobile RFID to record inventory transactions in warehouse, shipping and receiving areas.
  • SPEDE RFID Badge Reader, a patented device for triggering inventory labels to automatically print when the employee's RFID badge is read,for use in labeling control and accountability.

SPEDE Technologies is a software and systems company, founded in 1980, that specializes in complete wireless solutions for inventory and material handling control, for the automotive, manufacturing and warehousing industries.

The AIAG Auto ID/ RFID Showcase is sponsored by the Automotive Industry Action Group. Visitors can register online for the show and related conferences at:


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