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SPEDE Technologies Will Demonstrate Patented Line-Side Labeling Solutions at Auto-Tech 2007

July 24, 2007, Cleveland, Ohio – SPEDE Technologies will feature two patented, error-proof solutions for Line-side Container Labeling at the AIAG Auto-Tech Show, from August 21- 23 at the Rock Financial Showplace in Novi, Michigan.

SPEDE Technologies developed its Push-Button Labeling product, a wireless hardware/software solution, to enable automotive suppliers, and Honda suppliers in particular, to comply with OEM mandates for absolute error-free labeling of finished parts. Honda encourages its suppliers to print labels on-demand at the point of manufacture to eliminate the labeling errors that occur when labels are batch-printed in advance, and then matched to the finished parts later.

Traditional labeling solutions require the machine operator to leave the work cell and use a PC to print labels. But with Push-Button Labeling, the operator remains at the production machine and focuses on making, packing and labeling parts. When a label is needed, the operator pushes a wireless button, which sends an RF signal to the SPEDE Server PC. The SPEDE Software interprets the signal, and automatically sends the correct label data to the printer located in that work cell. The label prints, and the operator immediately applies it to the container being packed, ensuring a perfect match between labels and parts.

In addition to eliminating errors, Push-Button Labeling eliminates the need to maintain numerous PCs for label-printing, and the need to program individual printers with AIAG label formats.

SPEDE Technologies will also demonstrate its RFID-enabled Line-side Labeling solution.

Instead of pushing a wireless button when a label is needed, the operator will pass their RFID badge by an RFID reader located in the work cell, and the correct label will automatically print. This solution provides the added benefit of associating an employee's ID with the label-printing process, creating an accurate history of all the labels printed by a machine operator, including which labels, when they were printed, and over what span of time. This historical data can be mined, viewed and charted using standard Crystal Reports functions.

Visit us in Booth 417.

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